Hot Tub Safety 101 – Top 10 Ways To Remain Safe In A Hot Tub

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Soaking in a spa is one of the finest things in life, but there are some hot tub safety concerns that you should be aware of.

When most people think about soaking in their backyard spa or hot tub, they immediately picture a nice relaxing experience where they can unwind, release some stress and relax; and that is without a doubt the most common experience reported by hot tub users.

With that being said, there are some important points to be aware of when it comes to keeping safe in your hot tub.

In this article, we will look at the top ten ways that you can remain safe while soaking in your hub tub. We’ll go over things like the various temperature ranges, water chemistry, installation, and much more so that you’ll be able to soak in your spa and enjoy each minute that you spend in your hot tub without having to worry about whether or not it’s safe to do so.

The 10 Different Areas of Hot Tub Safety

Now, there are a few different areas of hot tub safety to go over, and each is equally as important as the next. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to trust that your hot tub will be safe to use whenever you feel like going for a soak.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and see how to stay safe when operating a backyard spa or hot tub.

1. Speak with a Doctor First

First and foremost, before using a hot tub, it’s important to make sure that it’s safe for you to do so. In most cases, your doctor will say it’s not a problem and that you can go ahead and soak away; within reason, of course; however, in other cases, certain pre-existing medical conditions can become aggravated or flare up if you use a hot tub.

It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, so make sure that you take the time to speak with a trusted medical professional before using your spa; just to be on the safe side.

2. Temperature Ranges

Most modern hot tubs are designed to shut off before they overheat or become dangerous, and so in most cases, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself when jumping in your backyard spa or outdoor hot tub. That said, some older models don’t feature such controls, and so it’s important to be aware of the temperature at which your hot tub has been set.

Also, some people enjoy hotter water than others, and so the perfect temperature for you may be too hot for someone else, so always make sure that you keep an eye on the thermostat so that you can avoid any unnecessary problems.

3. How Kids Can Safely Soak

Many people believe that children should not use hot tubs, but this is oftentimes simply not the case. Generally speaking, kids can go ahead and spend a few minutes in your hot tub, but there are a few additional steps that you should take to ensure that they stay safe.

Teaching them about hot tub safety from a young age can also help to create long-term healthy boundaries and a better overall understanding of hydrotherapy!

First of all, you may want to lower the temperature as kids usually find the hot water to be too hot; next, ensure that the kids don’t stay in the spa for too long; 20 minutes is more than enough time for most adults to soak in a hot tub, so 10-15 minutes is a perfect duration for kids to stay in the spa.

With that being said, some children shouldn’t ever use hot tubs for medical reasons, so be sure that you speak with a doctor before allowing your children to use your hot tub, and never allow toddlers to use the spa; and of course, you should always keep an eye on any kids in your spa just in case there are any issues that arise.

4. Water Chemistry

It’s important to make sure that the water inside your hot tub is safe to soak in, which means testing the water chemistry periodically. If chemical levels become too high, then it can become unsafe to soak in the tub, or if there are no chemicals in the water, then it may be unsanitary, which can make you sick.

When in doubt, you can trust a professional hot tub service expert to test the water for you, and they should be able to show you how to maintain the chemical levels in your hot tub so that the water chemistry always remains at safe and stable levels. Service technicians are truly the experts in everything hot tub safety!

5. Hot Tub Maintenance

When your hot tub requires maintenance, it is unsafe to operate, and you should avoid getting into it just to be on the safe side. Hot tub malfunctions are very rare, but they can happen, so if you notice that your hot tub isn’t working correctly, then be sure to lock it off and avoid using it until you can get a licensed hot tub service expert to come out, diagnose and repair your spa.

6. Non-Slip Steps

Many of the injuries that occur with hot tubs actually happen when people are getting in or out of the spa; this is because the stairs leading up to the hot tub can become slick and slippery, causing people to slip and fall.

To minimize this risk, consider buying a spa that features non-slip steps and a good sturdy railing; on the other hand, if you already own a hot tub, then you may want to purchase a non-slip material to cover the stairs so that slips, trips, and falls will be much less likely to occur.

7. First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll need a first aid kit, and because slips and falls do happen when people are getting into or out of hot tubs, it’s a good idea to keep a first aid kit near your spa. In the event that anyone does fall, you’ll be ready to assist them with first aid quickly, which can make a huge difference in terms of the outcome following such an injury.

8. Handrails

Just as non-slip steps are a critical safety feature that you must have if you want to minimize the risk of injury when getting in or out of your hot tub, handrails are equally as important to install for the exact same reasons.

When the stairs get slippery, being able to hold on to a handrail can make all the difference between a safe exit and a slip that leads to a potentially serious injury. Some new hot tub models feature built-in handrails, but if yours does not then you should seriously consider installing them so that you can ensure the safety of everyone going into or coming out of your spa.

9. Outdoor Lighting

It is also important to light the area around your hot tub adequately. If people can’t see their surroundings due to poor lighting conditions, there is a much higher chance of them tripping, slipping, falling, or otherwise being injured.

Nice backyard lighting features add to the ambiance of soaking in a hot tub anyways, and so in addition to making your hot tub area safer, you will also be making it more stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

10. Safe Installation Space

When it comes time to install your hot tub, you should always trust a professional to do the job, and you should avoid trying to connect the spa by yourself. However, even if you do have a professional come over to install your new hot tub, you are still responsible for that person’s safety while they are on your property.

Always make sure that the area you selected for the installation is safe, free from debris, clutter, and any other potential tripping hazards. Also, double-check that your hot tub is not located in a spot where branches or other objects can potentially fall down and strike you.

The area you select for your hot tub should always be kept clean and safe. For ideas to help you get started, watch this video!

Hot Tub Safety with Red Rock Spas

Relaxing in a hot tub is a fantastic way to unwind, soothe muscle aches and body pain, and release the stress accumulated throughout the day, and although hot tubs are generally very safe, people can and do get injured in hot tubs.

Fortunately, you can dramatically decrease the likelihood of you or anybody else being injured in your hot tub and ensure ultimate hot tub safety by following the advice mentioned above. With a little bit of thought, planning, and regular maintenance, your hot tub should be able to serve you and your family well for many years to come.

Located in Hurricane, Red Rock Spas is Utah’s top choice for backyard leisure products and services; so if you are looking for a great new hot tub for your home, backyard, or vacation property, then be sure to get in touch with Red Rock Spas today to learn more about the various different hot tub models available or to purchase a new spa.

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