A Complete Hot Tub Filters Cleaning Guide- 4 Ways to Keep Your Water Crystal-Clear

How much do you enjoy stepping into the crystal-clear warm depths of your spa at the end of a long workday?

If you’re anything like us, you can’t imagine finishing your day any other way!

Here’s the thing…

Your hot tub water is only as clean as you allow it.

There are many factors that influence your water clarity, one of the most influential being your filters.

And they do so much more than just keep your water clean.

We want to help you take care of your hot tub filters like a pro, so we’re breaking down everything you need to know in this article.

Not only are we going to share with you why your filters are so vital, but we’re also going to give you a complete hot tub filter cleaning guide to make cleaning your filters as easy as following a list of steps!

Let’s begin!

Why Are Hot Tub Filters Important?

The cleanliness of your hot tub water is influenced by two main aspects:

  1. Chemicals
  2. Filters

Keeping your water chemistry balanced is easily one of the most important basics of water care, but even with perfect chemical levels, dirty filters can quickly wreak havoc on your spa.

This is because your filters are exposed to every drop of water in your hot tub.

As it circulates through your system, it moves through your filters so that the dense pleats can pull impurities out.

Not only does this keep your water free from even the smallest contaminants, but it also keeps your water moving through your system properly.

So, what happens if you don’t clean your filters?

Over time, any debris it pulls from the water can build up on the pleats and make it harder for water to properly move through them.

This can result in a handful of issues arising in your spa, such as:

  • A foamy surface
  • Murky water
  • Poor jet pressure
  • Dirty water
  • Reduced efficiency…leading to energy bills rising!

If you’ve discovered any of these problems with your spa, one of the first troubleshooting steps should be checking your filters and cleaning them.

Now that we know what can happen if your filters aren’t routinely cleaned, let’s learn how to care for them like a pro and avoid that list of unwelcoming issues!

jacuzzi hot tub filters

Your Complete Hot Tub Filters Cleaning Guide

Because your hot tub filters play such a vital role in the health of your water, cleaning them is a multi-stage process with varying levels of work.

Luckily, each one shouldn’t take up too much time, and can be a fairly simple process when you follow the steps listed below!

1. Weekly Rinse

Time to Complete: 5 to 10 minutes

Easily one of the easiest routines, your weekly rinse is exactly that; a rinse!

Start by removing your filters from your spa and running them under cool, gently running water.

You can use your garden hose or a sink faucet. Avoid using high-powered water, as this can result in damage to your filters.

As you rinse off each filter, slowly open the pleats to allow water to get between them and rinse out any embedded debris.

After you’ve finished rinsing them off, quickly inspect them for any damage. This could be rips or tears or the pleats coming out of the caps.

If you discover any damage, you’ll need to replace them with new ones.

Torn or ripped filters allow debris to pass through, returning to your water or building up in your system, so it’s important they’re still in good condition.

After you’re confident they are still in good condition, return them to your hot tub!

2. Monthly Chemical Rinse

Time to Complete: 20 minutes

Your monthly cleaning routine is similar to your weekly rinse but has one big difference; it uses filter cleaner.

After removing your filters from your hot tub, rinse them off and inspect them just as you would during your weekly clean.

Then, spray them with your filter cleaner and set them aside to soak for 15 minutes.

Allowing the filter cleaner to soak into the pleats can help remove any heavier buildup that may not be easy to rinse off.

Once you’ve given them time to soak, thoroughly rinse them off using the garden hose or faucet, ensuring water can get between the pleats.

After they’re rinsed, you can return them to your hot tub and get back to enjoying your spa!

3. Quarterly Chemical Soak

Time to Complete: 12-24 hours

While the time it takes to complete this step may seem long, you’ll only actively be involved with this process for a few minutes.

Even with your monthly chemical rinse, stubborn debris can still build up, reducing the efficiency of your filtration system.

Giving your filters time to soak can help break down this more difficult debris.

Because this step will leave your hot tub without filters for the hours they remain soaking, you’ll need to turn your hot tub off and ensure no one uses it until the filters have been put back in.

For this reason, the best time to do this soak is the night before you plan to drain and clean your spa.

Begin this step in the same way as the others, removing, rinsing, and inspecting the filters.

Then, in a large bucket, dilute the filter cleaner with enough water to completely cover the filters.

Once you’ve put your filters in the water, let them soak overnight for a minimum of 12 hours.

The next day, remove the filters, thoroughly rinse them off, then return them to your spa.

If you’re doing this at the same time you’re cleaning your spa, ensure you return your clean filters to your hot tub before you begin refilling it with fresh water.

4. Annual Replacement

Time to Complete: 5 minutes

Arguably the simplest step of all is replacing the filters with new ones.

Hot tub filters are only good for 12 months when properly cared for. At the end of each year, remove your filters and replace them with new ones.

Prior to adding new filters to your hot tub, verify they are the right ones for your model. Your dealership will be able to help you find the right ones.

Expert Tips To Caring For Your Hot Tub Filters

With the schedule above, your filters can remain in great condition throughout the year and keep your hot tub running efficiently all year long.

However, there are ways to further enhance your cleaning routine, reducing some of the work, and making the process even smoother.

Firstly, we recommend investing in a filter-cleaning attachment for your hose.

These attachments are designed to create smaller streams of water to easily fit between pleats, without being pressurized enough to tear them.

Another way you can make your filter care effortless is by rotating them each time you clean them.

Ideally, letting your filters dry before returning them to your spa is best practice, allowing the material to tighten and keep out smaller debris.

However, waiting for them to dry can take hours, and it would make your hot tub unusable until they’re able to be put back into your spa.

To enjoy the added benefits of dry filters, you can rotate between them each time you remove them from your spa.

Simply have a second pair of filters set aside to put in your spa when you take the current ones out to clean them.

Then, after cleaning those filters, set them aside somewhere clean to dry, returning them to your hot tub during your next clean!

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