Covana Hot Tub Covers – 5 Ways They Add BIG Value

covana hot tub cover with blue lights on roof

Whether you own a hot tub or swim spa, including a well-fitting cover is essential.

Hot tub covers come in various styles, ranging from heavy-duty covers that you need to lift off before use to automated covers that take the work out of preparing for your hot tub session.

Choosing the right one will depend on your needs and values, however, with the development of automated covers, there is one brand that’s elevated the traditional hot tub cover in a big way!

Covana hot tub covers are a modern style cover that makes using your spa as easy as turning a key and lowering yourself into the crystal clear water of your spa!

In this guide, we will explore what makes Covana hot tub covers a quality addition to your hot tub and break down the four models they’ve released.

If you’ve been searching for a way to make using your hot tub even easier, keep reading!

Why Are Hot Tub Covers Important?

Before we can get into what makes Covana hot tub covers so unique, it’s important to understand why hot tub covers are so important.

Hot tub covers help maintain the temperature of your water, significantly reducing your energy costs. They are a simple and cost-effective way to keep your water warm without requiring your heater to work 24/7.

Your cover is also your first line of defense between your water and the elements. Not only does it keep dirt, leaves, and other debris out of your hot tub, it also protects your water from the sun when you’re not using it.

The sun’s UV rays can deteriorate the chlorine in your water, leading to excess time spent treating your water and additional costs for maintaining your water’s chemistry!

What Makes Covana Hot Tub Covers Different?

Traditional hot tub covers simply rest upon the top of your spa, protecting your water and keeping the heat in. They ensure your water is up to temperature and ready to use at any time.

These covers can be lifted manually or have supportive lifts added to them to make opening and closing your hot tub easier.

With these supportive solutions, you may be wondering what makes Covana hot tub covers so unique.

Covana covers provide advanced protection and maintain the heat in your spa better than traditional covers, and they’ve eliminated the physical need to remove the cover by hand!

By making it so easy to access your spa, you’ll no longer have to stand in the snow and strain your arms and back as you lift a heavy cover off your spa.

You’ll simply be able to turn a key and watch the cover rise up, exposing the steaming water of your hot tub!

Nothing will hold you back from enjoying your spa, even on the coldest days of the year!

While that alone makes them incredibly alluring, they also offer five substantial benefits that have made them a coveted addition to hot tubs around the country.

1. Security

Covana covers provide a secondary layer of security to your hot tub by sealing the cover ensuring no children can lift it and fall in. This gives you a powerful sense of security, confidently knowing your children can’t get into the spa without you knowing.

This security isn’t only for children, though! Your Covana cover will keep unwanted people out of your hot tub, as they won’t be able to lift the cover without the key.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your hot tub won’t be used while you’re away from home by any adventurous people in your community!

2. Privacy

Traditional hot tub covers don’t provide any privacy while you use your hot tub.

Covana hot tub covers have made privacy an important aspect of their design. Some models provide privacy directly above your hot tub, protecting you from the sun and anyone peering into your spa from second-story homes. Others offer protection around the hot tub as well as above!

These covers have eliminated the need for gazebos or pergolas to create privacy around your spa and have instead built that privacy right into their covers!

3. Extended Lifespan

Covana hot tub covers have made it easier than ever to invest in quality covers by expanding their average lifespan by years!

Traditional hot tub covers have a life span of roughly three years, often breaking down under the weight of snow or suffering water damage. Even the most well-cared-for hot tub covers only last a few years.

Covana hot tub covers, on the other hand, are strong and crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring they can offer protection throughout your hot tub’s entire lifetime!

4. Durability

These covers are designed using aluminum for the frame and have a strong roof made from ABS thermoplastic. This makes them capable of withstanding harsh outdoor elements much longer than traditional covers.

Covana hot tub covers are manufactured in Quebec and were designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Canadian winters. This resulted in a durable cover that is capable of withstanding up to 660 lb of snow, making them an optimal solution for any climate!

5. Fully Automated

Covana covers are easy to open, making it easy to access your spa without the work.

These covers use a key switch to function. Simply insert the key, turn it, and watch as the cover easily lifts up. Their design has made them the first automated gazebo and elevated how you can use your hot tub!

Your Complete Covana Hot Tub Cover Guide

Covana hot tub covers come in three distinct models; three versions for hot tubs and one for swim spas.

Each model comes with its own unique aspects and is available in two color options, including a rich mocha color or a modern and chic slate.

Which model you ultimately decide is best for you will heavily rely on what you need for your backyard.

If you live in the country and don’t have any neighbors, privacy may not be high on your list of priorities. If you live in the city, however, you may be searching for an option that provides maximum coverage.

The good news is, Covana has designed each cover with its unique strengths, making them suitable for any lifestyle!

Let’s explore the four Covana hot tub covers available!

Covana Evolution

The Covana Evolution hot tub cover is suitable for both square, rectangular, and circular spas. This makes it one of the most versatile options and is especially appealing if you have a larger hot tub.

This model offers a sleek design, giving it a seamless appearance as it rests upon the surface of your hot tub.

Using four posts, the cover lifts evenly, making use easy while offering maximum surface coverage.

Covana Horizon

The Covana Horizon cover has been designed with a tilting device, allowing you to not only lift the cover but also adjust its position.

This is a powerful edition that has made it easy to protect yourself from the sun at all hours of the day simply by tilting the cover down. Additionally, this aspect makes it easy to enjoy the stars during a late-night evening session by tilting it for a better view above you!

The Horizon gives your backyard a unique, modern appearance, elevating your space with ease!

Covana Oasis

The Covana Oasis hot tub cover is the model for those seeking maximum privacy!

This cover has been designed to provide the ultimate privacy of a gazebo while also providing maximum security, heat retention, and water protection from an automated cover!

The Oasis has a peaked roof and includes drop-down blinds on all sides, giving you privacy from any side you need.

As an added benefit, this cover includes an LED lighting system built into the ceiling, giving you seven color options to elevate the benefits of your hot tub even further.

These lights allow you to use chomotherapy during your spa sessions, naturally influencing your emotional state through the use of color.

For example, by setting these built-in LED lights to blue, you can create a more calming environment to combat stress!

Covana Legend

The Covana Legend is the cover designed specifically for swim spas, making easy access available for everyone.

This cover is an ideal addition to your swim spa, giving you a way to have a powerful swim at any time without enduring rain or snow falling on you during a workout.

The legend is designed with thick insulation, ensuring your swim spa remains at the perfect temperature while minimizing energy costs. Opening your swim spa has never been easier than when you invest in this cover.

No more standing in the cold as you brush off the snow from your cover before rolling it back and finally getting into the water. With this Covana cover, you’ll be able to simply turn a key and have it lift away, making it easy to get your daily workout in no matter the weather.

Covana Hot Tub Covers in Utah

If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to protect your home spa, a Covana cover from Red Rock Spas may be the best solution!

Avoid the costly replacements of traditional covers, and invest in a long-term solution that makes caring for and using your hot tub easy, even during the Utah winters.

With four locations throughout Utah and one in Nevada, we’ve got a location near you, and our team of experts is ready to help you upgrade your home spa!

Visit your local showroom to explore your backyard leisure essentials, or contact us for more information on any of our Covana covers.

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