Sundance Spas Pillow 6472-966


  • Sundance Spas Replacement Pillow – 780 Series Spas 2007+
  • Original Sundance Spa Part
  • Part #6455-469 (and
  • 780 Series OEM Pillow, Ball & Socket Type, 2007+. Fits 2007+ Camden, Certa, Chelsee, HAMILTON; 2008+ Dover
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This is a new, factory-fresh Sundance Spas Pillow 6472-966. Refresh and refurbish your 780 Series Sundance Spa by replacing its old pillows. Worn, cracked, or bubbled pillows can make your hot tub look old. Plus, if pillows start to deteriorate, they can release debris into your filter. These genuine Sundance Spas parts are fully compatible with most 780 Series hot tubs made between 2007–2017. (Please see list for details or contact us before buying.)

    • Camden 2007–2013
    • Certa 2007–2017
    • Chelsee 2007–2017
    • Dover 2007–2017
    • Hamilton 2007–2017
    • Montclair 2013–2017

Nearly all Sundance tubs display the precise model and year on a sticker attached to the main circuit board. Unscrewing the 18″ x 18″ access panel on the front of your hot tub should reveal this sticker. If you don’t see your particular Sundance Spas hot tub listed here, or if you don’t know which model of hot tub you own, please contact us before you buy. We want you to get exactly the right replacement pillow for your Sundance hot tub.

Hot tub pillows and headrests are considered to be “consumable” parts. Like the tires on a car, they will wear out with use and age. Hot tub pillows usually last 2–3 years, although this duration will change based on your water chemistry, ambient temperature, and even the hair care products your family uses.